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I have a nexus 6p which has a poor battery – the phone shuts down when the battery is showing approx 40%, and the battery life is poor.

The battery is very unreliable. Sometimes it discharges suddenly from (say) about 20% to zero. Sometimes it won’t re-charge at all, then it will.

It currently is malfunctioning, and shutting down the phone when there is supposedly still 45% battery left!

50% its shuts down,can’t open it unless i charge it.

the problem with my phone’s battery is it’s draining really fast and the phone always dies when the battery is just below 50% is that common ?

I can’t charge it probably, it will shut the power after 5-10mins without put in charged.

Well my battery is essentially dead (~40 minutes of screen time) after 21 months after purchase and this seems to be a common issue with the 6P. 

I opened Snapchat and it just shut down, the phone was charging and battery should have been full, No water damage, software hasn’t been updated. The battery life has been really bad lately though.

*. You’d Better Go Through the Checkout process So that The Team will Keep the Nexus 6P Battery for Your Nexus 6P before somebody comes to replace his/her Nexus 6p Battery. 


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  • Alexander Rodriguez

    Had my Nexus 6p mail-in repaired for a new glass screen and battery replacement. They told me the costs, which were at a very competitive price. The communication was excellent throughout the whole transaction, and i had my phone back the next day after the service was completed. Plus they gave me a choco pie with my repaired phone (probably a bribe to give them 5 stars ;P). I was very happy with the serviceClick Here To See More on Google

    Alexander Rodriguez
  • Perry Wheeler

    My 2 year old Nexus 6P had a dying battery – I really like the phone and didn’t particularly want to upgrade yet. After a bit of research and talking to local repairers, I decided to to send it to David and the team here for a battery replacement. Initial conversation via the web-chat worked well and explained the process – price was reasonable. They received it on Wednesday last week, turned the job around the same day and it was back with me, by express post on Friday. They had one minor issue – they left out the sim tray – but they noticed it immediately, notified me by email and sent it in a separate express post envelope so that it arrived the same day. The quality of the work that they did is superb – they cleaned the phone (including the USB-C socket that gets filled with gunk) and I can’t see a single scratch or pry mark on the case where they opened in. Communication was excellent throughout. Based on this experience, I can’t recommend them highly enough and would have no hesitation in using them again. Click Here To See More on Facebook

    Perry Wheeler
  • Monique Upton

    I’ve been twice and both times was next-day delivery. They are great at communicating and the work they do is flawlessClick Here To See More on Google

    Monique Upton
  • Phoebe Brown

    David and his team saved me when I was in desperate need, they responded to me at all hours and managed to fix my phone and post it for me on the same day. I am so grateful as I was going overseas the following day. Highly highly recommend. Phone looks great too. Go here!!! Click Here To See More on Google
    Phoebe Brown
  • Sam Pfeiffer

    Truly experts on their job! Repaired the screen of my Google pixel XL in record time, just over an hour! And for a very competitive price. Their treatment to clients is also very good, thank you May, you are wonderful! Click Here To See More on Facebook

    Sam Pfeiffer
  • Neil R

    Excellent service. I managed to drop my Google Pixel twice in two days and broke the front and back glass panels. No local repair shop was able to fix the back panel so I used the mail in service. These guys fixed the front glass and replaced the back case on the phone so it looks brand new, and for only $80 more than I was quoted by other shops to replace the front glass only.

    I live in Far North Queensland and posted the phone on Weds, they had it fixed and back in the post by Friday afternoon. They kept me up to date via email throughout the whole thing. Thoroughly recommend. Click Here To See More on Google

    Neil R

    .Screen broken yesterday night, unable to unlock it, I’ve been in many shops where I’ve been told they didn’t have screens for my #oneplusone… When I came in the shop, David told me they could replace my screen in 1h-1h30. He did it in less than an hour and he also replaced the back of the phone because I had many cracks.
    I highly recommend this team.
    Great team, great work.
    Thanks again .Click Here To See More on Facebook

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*. You’d Better Go Through the Checkout process So that The Team will Keep the Nexus 6P Battery for Your Nexus 6P before somebody comes to replace his/her Nexus 6p Battery. 


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*. You’d Better Go Through the Checkout process So that The Team will Keep the Nexus 6P Battery for Your Nexus 6P before somebody comes to replace his/her Nexus 6p Battery. 


History Of Google Nexus / Pixel Repairs By Mail-in Repair Centre Team “Proudly !

Specifically where can one get high quality Nexus 6P glass replacement?

To a discerning consumer, an inexpensive for your cash in terms of Nexus 6P screen repair is outstanding but very scarce over Melbourne. But is it? We got a repair shop for you then.

Have you been aware of Melbourne Mail-in Repair Centre? Never? No wonder due to the fact that these people are a new service center in Melbourne. From the similar effective service provider off Sydney, the expert technicians are coming down to the city to accommodate for your damaged Nexus 6P. They do Nexus 6P screen replacement for your broken and even shattered devices. So if you know a person, or you yourself had a very beat up Nexus 6P, have your Nexus 6P replacement screen from Melbourne Mail-in Repair Centre.

Why do we strongly recommend this repair shop? There are lots of explanations, in fact. Before anything else, they are one of the handfuls of stores that features Nexus 6P repair. A large number of stores would provide Samsung and Apple repair works mainly to their clients. Here, you can easily feature exotic models restored in a snap. They have a massive inventory of Nexus 6P replacement screen that’s precisely why it’s good time you will get to going and be the first in Melbourne to experience a low-cost Nexus 6P glass replacement.

There actually are a bunch of reasons to have your old smartphone repaired instead of hurled or switched out using a more recent version. Initial reason is, some other components are still usable, some perhaps even nonetheless new. If your Nexus 6P just have a fail display screen but still starts up, there’s no desire in order to hurl it away or keep it in your drawer. Simply obtain a repair practitioner get you a Nexus 6P replacement screen and believe me, it’s gonna function like a beauty again.

This is the main vision of Melbourne Mail-in Repair Centre. Get older smartphones work for just as long as possible. Their repair experts are trained in Korea to restore virtually any smartphone but their proficiency stretches for long period of times right now so certainly there’s not a shadow of a doubt that they can’t do Nexus 6P glass replacement. They will and can do it.

You can go to their outlet or avail of their mail-in repair services. Phone the repair shop for a completely free quote of the service, deliver your mobile phone over the post. As soon as these guys receive your package, they start restoring the mobile phone. Then just wait for the exact same time, they are able to finish it more rapidly in comparison to any repair shop so you can have your mobile phone back to your hands within 24 hours!

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